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Mar 31, 2017

Keith Sciarillo is a late discovery adoptee. His cousin accidentally told him he was adopted when Keith was 33 years old. No one would confirm this for Keith, so he went on to search and find out for himself. We talk about how almost everyone in Keith’s extended family knew and just assumed Keith knew too.



Mar 24, 2017

We talk with Katie Jae Naftzger, LICSW about what to do when you don’t find answers at the end of your search. Katie shares about her trips back to Korea to search and her two moments of clarity during her second trip. One while hearing babies cry all night long at the adoption agency and another when a birthmother...

Mar 17, 2017

Anne Heffron (author of You Don’t Look Adopted) goes deep into all kinds of things in her story, including failures that she attributes to adoption trauma, things she’s working on to find healing, what “write or die” means to her, and we find a way to laugh a lot. 


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Mar 10, 2017

We talk with Melissa K. Nicholson, LMSW about adoptee suicide (sometimes in a graphic manner and so please listen at your discretion). An incredibly important topic as adoptees are at a greater risk for suicide than the general population. We talk about some warning signs, how to get help, how we can intervene and...

Mar 3, 2017

An interview with Holly, an adoptee who is currently taking a little time off from reunion with her birthmother. We delve into some very tender topics - gaslighting, boundaries and she even got me to open up about some of my own reunion difficulties.


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