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Aug 4, 2017

Jessenia Parmer of I Am Adopted shares her incredible journey from being abandoned as a baby, her challenges within her adoptive family, to becoming an advocate and voice for adoptees. She is incredibly candid about her personal adoption trauma experiences which include abuse, identity issues, and suicide attempts. As...

Jul 21, 2017

Liz Latty is a powerful writer, adoptee advocate, and activist. She shares her story with us and we talk a lot about reunion with our Dads and why we think first fathers often don’t even get a second thought. We dive deep into the complexities of adoption, sexuality, and the seemingly oh-so-common secondary rejection....

Jul 7, 2017

Can you really be adopted back into your family of origin? I get to introduce you to Jemma Sullivan, and she shares some incredibly painful realities of having a narcissistic adoptive parent, it’s not all gloom and doom though - I promise you need to wait to hear what happens at the beginning of Jemma’s new chapter...

Jun 23, 2017

If you are in reunion or are anticipating one shortly… this episode is for you. Marni Hall shares her story and walks us through three guiding principles that she has for a successful reunion, and they are so helpful. 


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Jun 9, 2017

Rebekah Henson shares her story of growing up as an only child, then discovering she was one of seven biological siblings.  If this sounds at all familiar, I actually interviewed Rebekah’s older sister Mary Anna King on season one, episode 7. Rebekah is incredibly open with me about the challenges of such a complex...